APV Studios is professionally equipped to provide you with passport, visa, or immigration photographs of ALL sizes, dimensions, and backgrounds. Simply bring your instruction papers with you and we will match the requirements.

Please feel free to browse examples of our work below
U.S. Passport
U.S. Immigration
U.S. Toddler Passport
U.S. Baby Passport
Candian Passport
Canadian Immigration
Canadian Visa
Canadian Citizenship
U.K. Passport
South Africa Passport
New Zealand Passport
Brazilian Photo
Mexican Passport
Indian OCI
Philippine Passport
Argentinian Passport
Australian Passport
German Visa
Japan Passport
Iran Passport
ID Photos
B&W Photos
APV Studios is a full service photography studio
We do everything in-house, so you can expect quality and excellence - guaranteed!
DV Lottery Applications
Color Work (B&W to Color)
Combination Work
Slides to Photos
Photo to Slides
Slide Duplication
Custom Digital Output (up to 24" x 36")
Photo or Slides to DVD
DVD Duplication
Video Editing
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